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Why SWAT Teams are Becoming a Part of Gamer Culture

Ask any gamer what SWATTING is and they'll probably tell you an erie tale of IRL trolls. Swatting has been called a high stakes and high danger prank. Victim's personal information is gathered by a hacker who then creates a false police report with that person's information. Victims can be chosen for something a small [...]

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Business Transformation: What’s Good Studios Stays Ahead of the Digital Game

In celebration of their third anniversary, What’s Good Studios (WGS) hosted Nairobi’s most exciting anniversary celebration event (Thursday, Dec 8th at Treehouse). Cosmic Homies, Nu Fvnk of EA Wave and Taio Tripper were among performing artistes at the event that showcased dynamic content experiences while highlighting What’s Good in young urban Africa.

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What’s Good Studios Marks Third Anniversary, Announces Partnerships

What’s Good Live TV (wgLIVE TV) celebrates two years and recently expanded into an online platform: What’s Good Networks TV, now formally launching to the public. In addition to wgLIVE TV you can now find unique content including on-demand radio via wgRADIO.fm that includes Kalekye Mumo’s Live & Direct radio show among a range of dedicated channels offering music, entertainment, lifestyle, kampus, style and sports, among the best content experiences for young Africans.

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