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Camp Mulla re-unites for this epic perfomance!

How does it feel like to loose a young promising infant? Exactly the feeling most Kenyans and fans around the continent felt when they heard news that the renowned team 'fresh all day' |Camp Mulla| was breaking up back in 2013.           Being at their peak with a BET nomination in [...]

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Out with the old – In with the #NuNairobi

I had a fancy article planned... With a lot of sumptuous words and delicate metaphors. In hopes of demonstrating to you that #NuNairobi is afire with passion, music, art, spirituality & all the mysteries of a transformational Renaissance... To encourage you to keep the faith... Support the movement... See the progress! But instead, I realize [...]

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Conscious Minds, Conscious Music.

2015 was the year of mindful music. These countless international artists spoke their minds when it came to religion, politics, social injustice, money, human experience, and more. Because it doesn't have to be #Thursday to have a #ThrowBack. Enjoy our favourite staff picks, and catch up on all our articles so you won't miss a [...]

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