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Bold In Blue

So, there are a lot of events coming up this weekend; from the likes of The Sondeka Festival, Mashujaa Pool Party, The African Dance Party and so on. It’s the ultimate Mashujaa weekend plan, but you just don’t know what to wear, huh?*insert sad face* Well, enough of the small talk, I’m here to help!!! [...]

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Tabo Kitenge Outfits

It's rare to meet a team of young men, still in school come together to create a brand in the fashion field. So when the WGLive team heard of this young team, we couldn't pass an opportunity to interview them. The energy they have when they talk about their brand and the process it takes [...]

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Buqisi Ruux

Buqisi-Ruux which means "Queen of the Village" is a statement shoe company. They cater for the urban trend loving lady. WGLive managed to get a sit-down with the Founders and found out what the design process and how you can own a pair. Watch the video below and let us know if you like what you see [...]

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