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Sound System Culture | King Attarney Wins ‘Canada Rumble’ Sound Clash

The Rumble Series was formally introduced by Irish and Chin in late 2015 to bring new stars into the sound clash industry. With a limited and seasoned pool of clashing sound systems, new faces are a must to sustain the vibrant culture. Further, The Rumble Series allows the talent and skills of promising sounds (those with regional buzz but not international exposure) to be showcased to mass audiences. With Japan Rumble (Fujiyama) and Canada Rumble (King Attarney) concluded, up next is “US Rumble” (April 22, 2017), “UK Rumble” (June 2017), “EU Rumble” (June 2017) and “Caribbean Rumble” (TBA).

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#LazeReggae VIDEO PREMIERE: The Lambsbread “World Peace Before 2021”

The song released Sept. 21 2016, for International World Peace Day, is available on iTunes and all major online digital stores, and can streamed on soundcloud. In supporting their vision and bringing awareness to the cause, The Lambsbread teamed up with Cooyah clothing company to produce a symbolic tee-shirt, Those traits echo and fit in with Cooyah’s clothing line mission.

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