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Swahili and English are Kenya’s two co-official dialects, both being widely spoken throughout the country. However, in Nairobi City’s multiplicity of languages, a newcomer to the scene is Sheng, a popular urban vernacular that incorporates parts of English, Swahili, and other mother tongues.

Tune in as hosts Charles Kariuki and James Gichuru, explore Nairobi’s urban scenes – showcasing the best in business, food, and entertainment every Monday.


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About the Hosts

[cq_vc_profilepanel avatarimage=”27710″ avatarposition=”middle” resizeavatarimage=”yes” avatarimagewidth=”100″ captiontitle=”James Gichuru – Sheng Talk Co-Host & Content Creator” titlecolor=”#000000″ panelstyle=”style2″ elementshape=”square”]Producer and business mind, James Gichuru explores Nairobi’s most urban scenes and the young hustlers residing in them. From the best street keroma, to advice from entrepreneurs that have made it big, feel right at home as Gichuru takes you through ‘what’s good’ in every corner of Nairobi.[/cq_vc_profilepanel]
[cq_vc_profilepanel avatarimage=”27723″ avatarposition=”middle” resizeavatarimage=”yes” avatarimagewidth=”100″ captiontitle=”Charles Kariuki – Sheng Talk Co-Host & Rapper” titlecolor=”#000000″ panelstyle=”style2″ elementshape=”square”]Charles Kariuki, a.k.a ChaleSlim, is a full time creative shining light on Kenya’s underground art and music scene. As a rapper and part owner of Skeme Music Collective, his passion for collaborating and inspiring creative communities has been appreciated both locally and in the Kenyan diaspora.[/cq_vc_profilepanel]