TIPS on submitting your article & getting it published:

  • Title – Make sure your article has a relevant title. If you spotted that title while scrolling through Facebook would you stop and read some more? PS. Click baits will not be published
  • Images – Use images that you own copyright to or from free stock photos site such librestock. Please share the link to where you downloaded the image from. You can use as many images as you would like to enrich your post but you are required to submit one image to be used as the featured image
  • Formatting – Use formatting features such as sub-titles and sub-headings, italics and bold, quotes and hyperlinks. To enrich the experience of the readers.
  • Word count – Your article should have at least have 300 words.
  • Video and Audio – You can only embed video content from other platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Soundcloud.
  • Getting featured – For your article to be featured (on the front page of the site) and shared on our social platforms, it must be unique.

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