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Accessories The Best Bags and Accessories from Fashion Bloggers Runway Show

The Best Bags and Accessories from Fashion Bloggers Runway Show

The wgNetworks Style Channel editors and reporters round up the highlights.

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Discover Nairobi’s Most Trendy Stores Using Instagram as their Platform

Lately, my Instagram feed has been flooded by some amazing stylish pages that provide affordable quality items locally. The items range from apparel to accessories to make-up and even shoes….

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Jackie Aina Celebrates 30th Birthday in Style

Los Angeles based make-up guru Jackie Aina celebrated her 30th birthday last week (4th of August) in a way only she can! The beauty vlogger had an African Royal themed…

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Why Everyone is Still Obsessing Over Rihanna’s Crop Over Look

Earlier last week, Rihanna broke the internet with her extraordinary Crop Over Festival outfit. The entire world was ogling at the 29-year-old superstar’s Instagram when she posted a story of…

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WGStyle Meets: Double Dee’s Lingerie

When Constance Tipis and her three friends/partners encountered similar struggles when it came to shopping for bras because of their larger bust sizes, they knew that they had to come…

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Sir Jay Suits Launch: Favourite Looks

Designer, James “Jay” Maina showcased his chic suit collection, “Sir Jay Suits” this past weekend at the Diamond Plaza, Nairobi. The collection was full of impressive, elegant and dapper pieces which exhibit his…

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Friday Night, from Work to the Club in 10 Minutes – Easy Makeup Tips

Easy Makeup tips, tricks and tutorials for women of colour.

Read More January Beauty Saves - by Maya Mwoka

January Beauty Saves – by Maya Mwoka

It really is a difficult time financially, especially for beauty lovers like myself who are caught in a dilemma of choosing between a Neutrogena face wash and toilet paper. Okay, priorities first!

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Kenyan Leather Wazawazi

The Best in Kenyan Luxury Leather from Wazawazi

Wazawazi is quite literally bringing Kenya to the world. Working with the best in fashion, production, and marketing experts in Kenya, the US, Germany, and Italy.  Wazawazi‘s fashion forward concepts are…

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wgNetworks Beauty: Managing Acne-Prone Skin

Beauty: Managing Acne-Prone Skin

Acne, the nerve-wracking skin condition that some (if not most) of us have had to deal with throughout puberty and at times, into adulthood.

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