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Leading the Recycled Sneaker Movement

One man's trash is another woman's treasure - and these recycled sneakers stitched together by Helen Kirkum have been turned in to just that. The recent Royal College of Art (RCA) graduate and International Talent Support 2016 accessories award winner is making a great show of fashion sustainability. Kirkum began trying to bridge the gap in the sneaker world [...]

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Hottest Sneakers of September

Athletic Propulsion Labs Athletic Propulsion Labs include brand's hard-wearing Propelium™ sole that provides enhanced cushioning, shock absorption and unique colourways. The shoe is crafted from breathable mesh and rubber panels. They have been designed to place your foot in a natural position for ensures the most efficient run, although they can be worn casually as well. [...]

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Gold Medal Worthy Sneakers

As the Olympics come to a close, fans celebrate the remarkable stories that have taken place over the past two weeks. Adidas and Nike are joining in on the celebration with limited release shoes that incorporate Olympic themes. Check out this week in sneakers including the 2016 Olympic sneakers, and more. ADIDAS ULTRABOOST "GOLD MEDAL" [...]

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