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Teleportation Is Here – Kind Of

Slow your roll. It's 2017, but it's not Back To The Future status just yet. No doubt you'll be disappointed when you read the title of this article then watch the video. I had no intention of rickrolling you, as a form of teleportation has broken way for what I hope will eventually be the [...]

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ActionAid Kenya Launches its National Anti-FGM Campaign in Renewed Fight

ActionAid International Kenya (AAIK) is a National Non- Govermental Organisation (NGO) with a National Board and Management Structure. We work in over 16 Counties in the places where we can make the biggest impact. We tackle poverty and denial of human rights at the local level, and we challenge the causes behind them locally, nationally and globally. We work in solidarity with women and people living in poverty and exclusion; connecting their voices, sharing ideas, spreading inspiration, campaigning, advocating and formulating public policy to eradicate poverty and ensure social justice.

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