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A Virtual Love (well, sorta)

Everybody, we're one step closer to the teleportation of pizza! Because we can now control sex toys with smart phones. Oh yes ma flaky people with commitment issues. WE HAVE A TOY! http:// Now watch the video: Done? Good! Okay, so before you think this invention is creepy and is further adding to a [...]

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You Can Now Have First Person Sex on GTA 5

With, *drum roll please*  prostitutes. Yes, teenage boys of ages 16 & under. Gone are the days when, your brilliant hacker friend would find a way to bang a virtual reality babe's brains out. You have Rockstar to thank for this new feature. Obviously, the gaming company will get a tonne of law suites from [...]

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Tampon Run: The Women’s Gaming Revolution.

Two High School Girls from New York are revolutionizing how young girls and everyone else view menstruation. Sophia Houser and Andrea Gonzalez decided to question the status-quo on why it is OK for games to encourage violence but women menstruation is spoken in hush hush tones. Tampon Run, is actually quite simple but I can [...]

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