Valentine's Day Playlist: Sauti Sol's Live and Die in Afrika Album

Valentine’s Day Playlist: Sauti Sol’s Live and Die in Afrika Album

In anticipation of Sauti Sol’s album launch this week on the eve of Valentine’s Day, we listen back to those mushy vibes from their third studio album, ‘Live and Die in Afrika’. Here is a What’s Good Networks certified playlist for you!

Sura Yako

When this boy- turn-men band decide to sing for the African woman, they do so to the best and this track embodies that. Add the fact that you can dance Lipala on this, get your lover on board and burst the move.



YOLO! The young at heart fly away on this one. It is time to forget everything once again, look into each other’s eyes under the stars and dance the night away.


Say Yeah

If you have listened to the album, then you will agree this is the song for the couples. So, say yes to him or her and take the walk down that aisle!


Still The One

Another one for the ladies! If you still remember that burning flame who once rocked your heart, then this is your track.


It’s Okay

Spanish vibes with a touch of Africa! The message is clear; love me or leave me! The flamenco will get your salsa groove back.


Kiss Me

Romeo kissed Juliet and they fell in love. Jonathan kissed David and a friendship was begotten. A kiss can give birth to something new.



After all is said and done, you all want to lock the doors and spend that night together. Then this is your track for the night!


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