That ‘Silly’ Box – By Remmy Majala

I like telling this story to a willing, interested, listening ear and soon my sons’ will be the beneficiaries of this story, when they are old enough to understand what their mother is talking about.

I am a big sucker for dreams and I don’t mean those you get when you’re asleep at night or passed out drunk or just basically when your body has digested whatever that you’ve eaten during your prolonged lunch break and you’re snoozed out on your chair. I am talking about dreams you get when you’re fully awake, dreams you see, feel and you can literally touch. Dreams that have their own world and in that world you get a standing ovation from a crowd that is in awe of your talent, that makes you almost superhuman, they just can’t get enough of you, it’s just you, the spotlight and the cameras and hundreds of thousands of people chanting your name, others just wanting to touch you, to feel your greatness or to just confirm if you’re really human.

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Most of us have such moments, those who still care and dare to dream and see the little tiny light at the end of the tunnel because sometimes that’s really all that’s there, that little tiny light, the little measure of hope, little baby steps that turn into leaps and strides that will eventually take you through this insane life because fact is, if you don’t attack this life, it will kill you and that’s literally.

Well the TV set is said to be a lot of things and most of the time the most common phrase I was told when growing up was a box full of nothing that can turn you into a couch potato and with that my mother used to slap the daylights out of me because I was a big fan of this useless box. She did not understand how I was willingly turning myself into a couch potato.

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Well for me that box full of nothing was actually a wonder, a mystery, I used to ask myself “who are those people in there? Why are they there especially on that other side and why was everybody so enthralled by these somebody’s inside that silly box?? So every day after school it was like some sort of homework, sitting in front of the telly watching and listening to people who seemed invincible with some strange alien like powers, until I got old enough to understand it all, so I only kept getting mad but I wouldn’t stop watching that ‘box’.

Siku ambazo najiona mnoma and I can do camera work ???! #onlocaition

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Then that was it, I got so angry I didn’t want to sit there and watch them anymore, I wanted to be part of the action, I wanted to be exactly where they were, on the other side of the screen. When you reach that point your hungry, passionate and resilient, nothing can stop you, you’re a whole walking army and a strong force and with that I searched for this thing I called my dream, I was fully awake!


Reminiscing back to this day, my 110% focus just before the interview. #daysofexecution #growth

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#TBT #Newsanchorlife … @berylooro my word, remember these days, we worked our butts off. #2012

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I stopped walking because that alone was the biggest motivation!

I then found people who actually saw ‘THEY COULD WORK WITH SOMETHING’ and when I finally got that moment on the other side of the screen, where it was lights, camera, action! I realized that those people In that big box are just that, ordinary people who didn’t stop running.

Such memories bring the fire, curiosity and passion to my soul and my sons’ will never cease to hear the end of it!

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