A Simple Guide to Cleaning your Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are a vital part of your makeup routine, therefore it is super important to keep them clean. Often over looked, cleaning brushes removes build up of old makeup, bacteria and dead skin from bristles. Dirty brushes don’t distribute makeup on to the face as well as clean ones and therefore application and blending won’t be good. There is also a major risk of spreading bacteria on to skin which will cause breakouts. The product build up wears out bristles, so if you have invested in expensive brushes it would probably be a good idea to clean them!


Here is a simple guide to keeping your makeup brushes sanitary:


  • Using your favorite shampoo, take a blob on the palm of your hand
  • Hold your brush under the tap for a few seconds so that shampoo lathers nicely
  • Swirl brush into shampoo on the palm of your hand
  • Use fingers as wash board to really work shampoo into bristles so that product build up can be broken down
  • Rinse away (you will know brushes are clean once water is no longer discolored)
  • Use index and thumb finger to squeeze out excess water (speeds up drying process)


Ideal for on-the-run cleaning:

  • simply run the brush across the wipe
  • wipe in a circular motion until clean



This method is especially ideal for smaller brushes (eyes and lips)

  • Spray the solution onto the bristles
  • Wipe back and forth across a clean tissue until there are no traces of left over makeup