Film: Watch how to Capture Dialogue using the Shot Reverse Shot Technique

Film Tip: Watch how to Capture Dialogue using the Shot Reverse Shot Technique

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    • It's a joy to find soneome who can think like that

    • I went to Ippudo so many times during my stay in Taipei! It was so delicious! I was on Huayin street so it was a really short walk. The Ippudo in New York City has Shiromaru for $14 and I think in Taipei, it was only around $8 for the same dish!

    • Rehashing the politically biased ways of prosecution by the NYS attorney general's office is not a good sign of what our new governor has in store. The guiding belief of "Protecting our friends who get us into office" - even if they are criminals, is no way to lead a state out of the bowels of ethics scandals. Think again, Andy. If something doesn't work, try something different. Taking people from the hack filled AG's office into your governor's leadership group is one awful idea.

    • Matt - I'm sorry - but that is ridiculous! We can see systems (like humanity) which have increased in intelligence over time - and we cannot tell whether the world exists under simulation or not. If such systems could not increase in intelligence inside computers (for whatever reason) we would know the world was not being simulated.

    • super, maintenant je dirai « copyright William »! J’avais adoré cette expression et je pense que je l’avais meme reprise deja dans mon article sur gasquet

    • YOUTUBE ADMINISTRATORS are controling the freedom of expression. They are part f the BNP in England and they do not allow anyone to express anything that might go against the participation of this party in this Forum. This is a shame as it only proves hipocrisy……..

    • Just wanted to let you know that it’s really appreciated that you do this every week. It takes a lot of dedication and I think it’s great what you do to get other photographers out there.

  2. It's really great that people are sharing this innmaortiof.

  3. Tight. I dig these fashion posts. Bouta go scoop me one of the military jackets. Thanks for showing prices and brands, too. Gives you a good gauge of what you are gunna see out there.

  4. Anonymous: Hi dear, I'm sorry but I don't know the name of the mall! However, it's just two train stops before Chatuchak and the mall is right beside the train station (it's like open corridors kinda concept)!

  5. Patrick – Glad to hear you’ll be closer to campus we’ll have to have a visit to Lucky’s next quarter sometime. Yes, I should say that with all that writing I go in and out of having fun. I don’t like the pressure, but I do like the writing. But in either case, we survived!

  6. Read a lot of poems. Read them out loud. Take them on walks with you anywhere and say them out loud to the world. Mostly though, read a lot of poems or read the same poems a lot.Thank you for posting this question!

  7. Le 22/11/2012 à 19h32 Ah ben ENFIN! J'ai l'impression que Kate Moss est restée une éternité (et comme on la voit absolument partout ça ne m'a pas aidé à penser le contraire) J'aime pas KM donc je suis bien contente que ça soit la jolie Miranda qui la remplace

  8. Søteste snuppa! Så stor hun er blitt. :)Tiden flyr så alt for alt for fort når de er så små. På godt og vondt! ;)Kos deg med henne og fine gutten din også!KLEM

  9. yo he metido mi tarjeta en una magic y me han activado la tarifa plana y yo lo unico que queria era comprobar como iba porque me lo dejaban un dia, no puedo darlo de baja eso? estoy desesperado porque 12 euros al mes ya tengo 3 moviles y no me sale muy bien…

  10. Last week I was rushing around getting ready for work, ready to prep breakfast, and when I reached for my oats I somehow lost grasp of them and the whole container basically exploded on my kitchen floor. I couldn’t grab my dustbuster fast enough before my little furball Violet rushed over and started “sweeping” it up herself. I have no idea why plain oats were so intriguing to her. Needless to say, it wasn’t the ideal way to start off a morning!

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