Long seen as a pioneering force amongst Nairobi’s most trusted Fashion & Lifestyle curators, Too Many Siblings/Thrift Social hosted another one of their infamous themed events – This June, featuring their first “Tie & Dye” Edition. In an unexpectedly brand new location, The GoDown Arts Center created an ideal blend of intimacy and spaciousness, inviting guests to roam freely between the indoor and outdoor areas, enjoying food, drinks and of course, Thrifting!


If you missed it, check out the video below and read on to see what local powerhouse performers Karun and Wanja Wohoro have to share from their perspective on stage, opening for international headliner IAMDDB – whose unique success in both Music and Fashion perfectly embodied Thrift Social’s ethos of expressing culture artfully, fearlessly and playfully. 

“It felt amazing! Definitely felt the vibes the entire night. And the audience too seemed predominantly female, and beautiful. I’m not too sure if it actually was, but that colored the entire evening. Like everyone was stunning!! I remember looking around like, wow, Kenya has some great looking people.”



“It was just awesome to be surrounded by women I also admire. Karun probably doesn’t know this but I literally listened to her album on repeat in 2013/2014 and it fully inspired me to start pushing for my dreams despite my youngish age. I am here to live in a universe where women see each other as allies and not competition, and I definitely think that energy cake through that night. I am an indie artist so I often feel out of place in big live music spaces in Nairobi, but I felt so seen and loved despite it all,  so that was my highlight.”



If you haven’t yet, be sure to watch the latest videos both Karun and Wanja Wohoro just recently released in collaboration with emPawa Africa!

GLOW UP – Karun

YOUTH – Wanja Wohoro ft. Kato Change

*All photos in this post were provided by Royce Bett*