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The Events Kahuna Opinion – All the Feelings I have About Turning 26

Today 7th December, marks my 26th birthday and I (#TheEventskahuna aka Vincent Libosso) have a few thoughts I would love to share!


Rarely do I get to share my opinions on this platform. I know. That needs to change right? Last year, turning 25 (quarter-century! woo!) like many people today, was a major fuss. But this morning, it hit me.

Turning 26 is an incredibly significant life event to me. I know what you are thinking: You are now officially closer to 30 than 20.

True, but at 26 that is where the scale tips, you know? You crossed a quarter-century. But above all, an inner and honest reflection of myself is that I look at life a lot different now.

The teenage dreams feel like just yesterday sometimes, but other times it feels like a hundred years ago.

But yes, taking a deep breath, I am admitting to myself that am now 26. My life is in a different place than it was when I was 20, and I’ve learned some stuff along this journey.

We all have our different races in life

I had things back in my life that I wanted to achieve by age 25 including settling down. Well, I found love at 25. So, in every dream and aspiration you had, when you are tempted to compare yourself to others, it is important to remember that we each are running our own race – alone.

Not everyone will like you—and that is okay!

Growing up, some things will get clear. Yes, some friendships strengthen, others fade away. That is just the cosmos of life. Being the popular kid almost my life, growing and settling to myself, I have seen my friends narrow by day. Nobody ever told us this.

Some friends, even those you considered so close will get tired of you, and sometimes nobody will want to hire you.

Learning you can’t be all thing to all people and that sometimes endings can make room for beautiful new beginnings, is a lesson I forever cherish.

Responsibility will kick in

You will actually be more financially responsible going forward. I began taking my responsibilities way early (comes with being a first born!) and the discomfort of perpetually trying to catch up with your bills and never having money is another lesson for me. I have run to take care of my needs plus my parents and those I love.

Life is short

With every turn of a new day, I remain grateful to the fact that life is precious and fragile. Growing up you experience this force that seems to reach out of nowhere and grab colleagues, family and friends. Cultivate a grateful heart with each memory.

Now that I am older, I run at a calmer, more introspective speed. In 4 years and 11 months I will hit the big 3-0 and how I pray each day moving forward, ’ll remember the stuff I’m reminding myself of today, in this article, and that I’ll keep adding to the list. After all, what’s the point of growing up if we aren’t getting wiser, smarter, and more awesome?

Now, here’s to being awesome twenty-somethings, and awesome future-thirty-somethings. We can do it!

Article inspired by Debbie Holloway.

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