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I fear the consequences of my actions.

Life giving me two chances of change destiny.

Each choice an advantage to the other and disadvantage to the other.

“They gonna use you. “Heart

“Yea I know that, but at least it will be worth it. “Mind

“C’mon open your eyes, your my best friend. You can’t do this to me! I trusted you I’ve been with you your entire life and you just wanna throw me in the trash? “Soul

“This is a sacrifice that am making. I can’t go again living like this, change is what am embracing. “Mind

“If you get rid of him, you and I will be the ones left to run this empire. “Heart

“Yea. Am sorry but I think we have no choice. I’ve thought this over and over again and my decision is final. “Mind

“You can’t do that to him, that is childish and immature. Why do you want us to live a life of regret, despair, tears, sorrow and misery. “Heart

“Calm down, it was either you or him. Stop making me feel guilty.  I know I did wrong but it all about the legacy. “Mind

“You know in a way it’s better heart could have gone and I be left, cause that would be helpful in the afterlife. “Soul

“Ouch! That hurts but that would be better off, then we will be immortals. “Heart

“Bother no more, the frog in the well never understands the sea. You can’t have everything, satisfaction is the key. “Soul

“Neglect me now and I will neglect you later. “God

“God forgives. “Mind

“Keep in mind judgement day is coming. “God