Taxify Demotes UK Chief

Business: Taxify Demotes UK Chief

While still in the process of raising funds to revive its London operations, Taxify, an Estonian cab company reached a decision to demote its UK boss – Finn Geraghty.

Its unclear which position Geraghty currently holds after his demotion but most of his duties will be assumed by Rich Pleeth, the former Marketing Officer at Gett who will oversee expansion into Western Europe. Though Taxify will eventually have to hire a general manager in-charge of London since according to Pleeth he joined to work with the legal and policy team.

In spite Taxify having a large backing from Didi Chuxing, a Chinese ridehailing company of an unknown amount, Pleeth insists that they are not desperate enough for the money.

Transport For London

Taxify CEO and Co-founder: Markus Villig

The CEO and Co-founder Markus Villig launched Taxify in London on September 4 with selling points being that its cheaper than the rival Uber and charged less commission on the drivers. This did not last long as the London transport regulator raised concerns over its licensing operations.

Taxify had applied for a private hire operator license, but somehow the authorization took long than expected, hence a shortcut was thought to be the easy way. Taxify decided to acquire a local minicab firm – City Drive Services, which already held an operators license, then rolled off and signed up drivers.

Pleeth and his team have promised that on their third attempt to acquire the license, there would be no such cases of shortcuts.