New Music Mondayz | XamVolo, AceyGracey & Many More

Your weekly fire playlist is back! This New Music Mondayz selection from is exactly what you need to get through that long work day.


Let’s jump into the playlist, shall we?

Our first pit stop, Rongai! Budding songstress from Rongai AceyGracey has released the music video “This Game”. The song was produced by Charmant Miguel of Urban Scorch Records and the video directed by Nezzoh Monts.

XamVolo, who has been called a “formidable rising master of neo-soul,” is set to release several remix versions of his latest hit single, Feels Good.

With Feels Good, which dropped in September of this year, XamVolo laid his jazz influence bare with a sample from the legendary Thelonius Monk, while creating a unique contemporary hybrid with slick beats and soulful vocals.

The first remix of Feels Good was produced by Freddie Joachim and features Jaylien, a multi-talented producer, songwriter and singer from St. Louis, who has worked with the likes of Akon, Will.I.Am Quincy Jones and Kanye West.

Stay tuned to wgNetworks, we will be back with more new music to keep you going throughout the week next Monday!