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Lamu’s Biggest Cultural Festival Is Baaaaaaack!

Each year at a time like this, Lamu comes to life during the annual Lamu Cultural Festival. Several competitions and races are staged during this week-long festival.


From: Wed 15th November, 9:00am

To: Sat 18th November, 8:00pm

Started in 2001, the Lamu Cultural Festival has grown exponentially and has become a major cultural event in the region drawing local and international crowds.

The festival is a celebration of both the past and the future, and the beliefs and traditions that are the heart and soul of the Lamu community.

Here are a few ways to make the most out of this year’s festival!

Turn up with Turnup Travel!

This November, Turn Up Travel in collaboration with Swahili Gal bring you a Lame experience like none other… We call it An #IslandInvasion, A burst of culture! A three-day, two-night experience that will marry with the annual Lamu cultural festival!

Expect a fun-filled sea front hangout that will include activities like Dhow races, pool parties, henna paintings, Floating bar, sunset and night sails, donkey races, swimming races amongst others…

Shall we??

Package fee: KES. 36,000

Dates: 17-19th

Package fee is inclusive of return flights

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Check into Jannat House

“Jannat” is Arabic for “Paradise”. This house is an old merchant’s aboard bought by the Swede Hans Frejd in 1986. It was meant to be a private paradise for Hans with a guest house for his family and friends.

Over time, Hans and his family became more and more engaged with the people of Lamu and their culture. His visits became more frequent, and his family and friends followed suit. Jannat House became a bustling guest house offering employment to a number of people.

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Turn down at Diamond Beach Village

Join Insectdudu, Hibo and Danny Stoker among others for a night of dancing this Saturday! At the mouth the Indian Ocean, the warmest ocean in the world, known as the mine of gems you will find your Diamond. If you’re looking for total serenader and relaxation coupled with the exquisite modern food and Swahili culture that takes you back to ancient rhythms of life then look no further. Catch a game of volleyball at sunset as well!

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Discover and Experience Lamu

Several competitions and races are staged. These events are designed to each encourage local skills or practices that are central to Lamu life. These include traditional Swahili poetry, Henna painting and Bao competition…Bao is probably the oldest known game in human history, with archaeological evidence suggesting that the game has been played throughout Africa and the Middle East for thousands of years.

In order to preserve and encourage the art of dhow sailing, now threatened by increasing availability of engines and prefabricated boats, a dhow race is also held. The town’s finest dhows are selected to compete, and race under sail through a complicated series of buoys, combining speed with elaborate tacking and maneuvering skill.

Other events include swimming, and at times a challenging cross-country race along the waterfront, all the way to Shela village and back- all in the physically draining heat of the day. The real highlight of every festival involves the town’s most endearing symbol- the donkey race. Local donkey jockeys literally spend the entire year honing their riding skills for this event, and the winning rider wears his title with great pride.

Shop till you drop!

This a great shopping excuse event which allows you to buy all types of products from home products, toys for kids, and much more.


There will be displays of traditional handicraft, Swahili bridal ceremony and a Swahili food bazaar. The festival offers a modern sample of these time-honoured traditions against a rich backdrop of the beauty and splendor of the Lamu archipelago.