#LazeReggae Foundation Reggae Roots Mizizi Tuesday – Toots, Lord Laro, Culture and Many More

Reggae has long been the most vivid musical escape for us here at wgRADIO #LazeReggae and our fans. We have been getting numerous requests for Reggae Roots music – “its soul-cleansing riddims always feel familiar and cozy, like rushing into your lover’s arms after a significant time away.

This is especially true for roots reggae, whose staccato guitar licks, billowing bass, and sonic splashes on a canvas of negative space, are like salve for the soul. The mid-tempo pulse varnishes heads with Kool-Aid grins and daydreams of living beachside amid nature’s unrestricted beauty.” (NPR Music)

Here is some refreshing roots reggae music from the old generation to the Reggae Roots revival.


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