wgNetworks.tv All I Want For Christmas is Food!

All I Want For Christmas is Food!

Sing along with me now – All I want for Christmas is Food!!

Theres no better way to set the scene for the Christmas season than putting on your Christmas songs and starting to prep you Christmas meal.

Check out this delicious Christmas dinner menu that will be sure to leave you and your guests full, happy with a tingly tasty feeling on your palate, plus it wont break the bank.

Christmas Morning Cheers

One of the best things about Christmas is that its never too early to start drinking, with this delicious Christmas Sangria, perfect for getting the day started & the cooking going!


Check the recipe here.

Starter – Tomato & Basil Bruschetta

There is no better way to kick off the holiday than bringing out the Christmas colors on a perfectly toasted bruschetta with fresh tomato and basil, can you say Crunchy Christmas.

This fresh, flavorful and juicy start will be sure to kick off the celebrations with a burst of flavor that will flow through your senses with the unique scent and flavors of basil, balanced perfectly with the juicy tomato laid on a toasted crunchy bed of fresh bread.

Grab the recipe now!

Sides – Cranberry & Almond Spinach Salad and Bacon Green Bean Bundles

Keeping the spirit of Christmas alive, check out this delicious flavor filled cranberry & almond spinach salad. Made with a home-made dressing and covered in color that will be sure to bring out the Christmas laughter & add more color to your dinner table and palate!

Grab the recipe now!

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Since the salad has a sweet taste to it with the infused cranberries, dressing and crunchy almond, you need something savory to complement the taste buds. Here is a simple and quick side that will keep the spirit of Christmas alive with its crispy bacon aromas and tastes alongside the soft green bundles of green beans, yas!

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Here is the recipe!

Main – Garlic Rosemary Roasted Chicken with Cranberries

Enjoy a fresh, Mediterranean garlic, rosemary and citrus burst of flavor on your palate coated with cranberries, in a delicious one-pan chicken roast that will leave your chicken crispy on the outside and filled with flavor on the inside, I mean just look at it!

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Here is thee recipe!

Dessert – Apple Pie Cookies

And to clear your palate and wash down this delicious fruity meal, try these delicious apple pie cookies filled with soft gooey apple filling, and a soft crust on the top with a crunchy bottom, can you say Yum?!

Your recipe is here!

Why not pair your meal with some wine?

Try Sauvignon Blanc, a wine perfect for white meats with green herbs that will enrich the flavors of all the herbs and spices within the chicken, green bean bacon wraps & add a spicy punch to the starter & cranberry spinach salad!

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If you aren’t a fan of white wine, then try a Branchetto, lighter than a Pinot Noir and pairs well with chicken and cranberry sauce based dishes that is served slightly chilled keeping your palate fresh for more flavors throughout your Christmas Meal.

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