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With her I feel so alive.

She’s the only person who makes my heart skip a beat.

In my arms, she feels secure.

By her side, I feel at home.

I can’t deny, what I feel towards her is real.

All day and night am thinking about her.

She got me twirled up in her little finger.

I’ve seen and come across many, but none of them cast a spell this strong as hers.

In my soul, she’s heaven sent.

The one I’ve been waiting for all my life.

How beautiful life is when she’s around, I rejoice knowing my heart is at peace. That’s the beauty of love.

I wished for a beautiful lover, with the tender most love, and who was attractive and there she came!

Lord I say thank you!

I may not sing to her but imma write about her.

Am possessed by the obsession of making her my possession.

She calms my demons real nice and lures them to their cages.

She is simply my angel.

And am proud to say that i love her.

She’s my other half, my soulmate.

Amazing it is when she lies on my chest, I feel complete.

Our hearts lock safe as a safe.

I render myself to her loves tender.

God carpenter our love, that we may spend days of the calendar together in joy and happiness.

Why should a goalkeeper be the only one who is always number one?

Throw us in your blender and make us one.