You might have heard work out oficianados boast that excercise is more than about shedding the pounds, but immursing yourself in a mind, body, and soul experience.

If you’re looking to leave behind the stress, acne, sick days, and the pounds – read on to find out how excercising impacts more than just your phisique.

Experts have ‘weighed in’ on just how often someone has to excercise in order to see results. It turns out that by excercising just three times a week for thirty minutes, overall health is increased compared to those who workout less than three times a week or not at all.

1.) Less Sick Days

Excercising reularly strengthens the body’s natural defence system and can preven illnesses like the common cold. Because of this boost to the immune system, we have seen an uptick in businesses and corperations using excercise as an incentive. Some companies employ trainers, and nutritionists to help employees on a healthy journey, as well as paying employees for unused sick days. Staying in shape to loose the pounds just might make your wallet fatter.

2.) Clearer Skin

Sweating allows pores throughout the body to release sweat and in turn get rid of built up bodily toxins and dirt. Just make sure that you wash your face, and take off old gym clothing once you’re done working out so that the sweat doesn’t end up clogging your pores in areas where fabric touches the skin. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and the only one that can be seen from the outside – so you owe it to yourself to take care of it!

3.) Decrease Depression Symptoms

There’s a reason it’s called a runner’s high. Studies have shown that the satisfaction from eating chocolate is compairable to that of the precieved satisfaction runners get after completing the excercise. Feel good chemicals are released in the brain, leading to decreased feelings of stress, and depression when paired with other healthy lifesyle choices. Want to measure yourself? Keep a journal of your mood before and after a workout for the next few weeks to see the results yourself.

4.) Reduce Chronic Pain and Fatigue

Endorphins contribute to an overall feeling of wellbeing following a workout. Just 10 minutes of cardio can release these chemicals which have shown to decrease chronic pain. Fatigue can also be combatted using a regular excercise program. Excercise naturall makes the body tired, inducing a deeper level of sleep, leading to a better night’s rest.

5.) Prevent Types of Cancer

Excercising regularly can reduce your chances of developing cancer by a staggering 25%. The cancers that have been studied include breast cancer, colon cancer, and endomitrial cancer, although many scientists believe excercise can benefit cell health in general.

6.) Reduce Consipation

Excercise is already known to get bodily fluids in motion due to increasing the body’s heart rate and natural removal process. If things aren’t moving as smoothly as you’d like for them to try some gentle yoga.

7.) Build Relationships

Working out with a partner is an exciting way to get your blood flowing together. Couples who excercise together frequently have reported closer bonds, and better sexual relationships. This could be in part due to higher stamina in people that work out regularly, meaning longer love sessions.