This week on our review of #Bestof2017, we relive the FOMO reel at some of the awesome events we filmed in 2017. Enjoy!


  1. Jidenna – FOMO Party at The Carnivore Grounds 

Inspired by the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s, Jidenna took the stage in a perfect dapper show. First came his voice, then the smiling face and the right attire to go with the performance.

A lot had changed since he broke the limelight, rising from a Classic Man to now The Chief. Backed by his band, and Wondaland Records’ resident DJ Nana Kwabena, the stage needed their moves, style and noise. They were outrageous, of course, but their delivery had heavy punches. His stage antics, from poetry to acting drunk on Hennesy as he sang ‘Bambi’, then to dancing and lifting the mic up for the crowd to sing along, Jidenna knew how to capture us.

  1. Coke Studio Africa Viewing Party at Kiza Lounge 

Coke Studio Africa hosted an exclusive viewing party at Kiza Lounge, Nairobi, in celebration of the premiere of highly anticipated 2017 edition of the Kenyan produced Pan-African music show, this year dubbed Coke Studio Africa – 2017.

  1. D’Banj at Koroga Fest – The Carnivore Grounds 

The rhythms called, massive and crews from everywhere answered, ADVANCED TICKETS SOLD OFF, flocking Kenya’s capital city in their thousands. The much-touted two-day 18th edition of the Koroga Festival came and we were there at The Carnivore Grounds.

  1. Google We Wear Culture at African Heritage House

African Heritage House and Google Arts & Culture filled a train through the scenic route from Nairobi Railways station to the African Heritage House for the launch of the project.

  1. NAICCON at Sarit Centre 

A walk down the hallways of conventions such as NAICCON (Nairobi Comic Book Convention) fans can admire their favourite characters from video games, anime, TV shows or comic books come to life. Cosplayers, who dress up as various characters, concepts, or even inanimate objects are a huge draw to these convention—that is now in its fifth edition.

  1. Deeper Sounds of Nairobi at The Alchemist Bar 

Deeper Sounds of Nairobi featuring Jinku, L.A. DAVE, Euggy, Jack Rooster, Fayee Santini Imani, Moseh The Drummist and XtetiQsoul ear wormed their way into our heads at The Alchemist Bar.

  1. Barak Jacuzzi and Friends at Creatives Garage 

On July 8, the Creative Garage was the place to be for the celebration of Barak Jacuzzi’s latest 6-track EP “Coco Season”. The “Barak Jacuzzi & Friends ’90s Jam” offered fans great fun, music and some serious street style.

  1. AKA and Nneka at Blankets n’ Wine 

Savory food stalls with a sensational selection of multi-cultural cuisines, cleverly eccentric designers featuring phenomenal Afro-inspired styles, pool tables, parent-child play areas & our silent disco dome along the waterfront (filled with chill corners and shisha pots!!) surely made this B&W festival feel like one of the most special we’ve seen in East Africa to date.

  1. Nyege Nyege Festival 2017 at Jinja, Uganda 

The British have Glastonbury. The Jamaicans have Summerjam. Uganda has Nyege Nyege Festival, the music festival that brought the world to Uganda and took Africa to the world…

  1. “Here is to us in Every Tusker” Campaign Launch at Buruburu 

Such is Tusker Lager’s rock-hard conviction on the advert you have no choice but to celebrate the extraordinary that happens when ordinary people come together.

Tusker Lager has been part of Kenya’s heritage since it was first brewed in 1922. Over the years, the brand has launched iconic campaigns to reflect the spirit of the nation. From Baada ya Kazi to Refresh your roots, Stand Tall, Twende Kazi and most recently Team Kenya.

Tusker Lager’s new campaign, ‘Here is to the Us in every Tusker’ underlines the brand’s new position in celebrating the extraordinary that happens when ordinary people come together.

Even if you’ve never set foot in the beer can-strewn streets of Buruburu’s Hornbill Kaginas, there was much fun yesterday when Tusker launched the ‘Here is to the Us in every Tusker’ campaign.

  1. Get Some Money Launch at IMAX Garden City 

Get Some Money is a representation of the biblical story of the betrayal of Jesus Christ.

  1. LC Waikiki Launch at Two Rivers Mall

On 16th February 2017, LC Waikiki at Two Rivers Mall held its invite only VIP cocktail to mark the opening of their first store in Kenya. We had a rare opportunity to engage with the LCW team about their venture into the Kenyan market, learn more about their product offering as well as pick out highlights from the event.

  1. Omarion at Afro-Pop Festival

Then came the moment everyone had been waiting for, first his voice, then the crowd charge forward with screams from the ladies that overpowered the dome and the phones up in the air in a perfect star-like sky. It was the grand party of the year, the one everyone was invited to.

He popped in alongside his brother look-alike hype man and his tour DJ with an energy unmatched and verses flowed. He was short, with a sleeveless Dashiki denim with a white sweatshirt and black pants with sneakers. He smiled at everyone but mostly at the ladies.

  1. Bar 4 Bar at The Alchemist Bar 

Bar4Bar is a monthly rap battle showcasing the best of breaking talent in the vibrant underground scene. Hosted by Barak Jacuzzi ad Mixmaster Lenny, 10k up for grabs plus studio time, the show erupts.

Always a place full of live vibes and unrestrained joy. The beats lifted the spirits and the artists went head to head, bar for bar for the ultimate crown.

  1. Party in The Wild, Nyeri 

Party In The Wild is a radically creative three-day explosion of music and interactive activities that went down on the gorgeous foot of Mount Kenya at the White Rock Resort.

  1. Thrift Social at The Alchemist Bar 

Headlined by South African sensation Petite Noir, TAIO and Nu Fvnk saw an afternoon long experience laced with good music, cutting edge designers and curated array of vendors.

  1. Barak Jacuzzi Juice Bar Mixtape Release 

The mixtape has drawn out good reception so far racking thousands of streams within a short span of time with ‘Coco Ma$ta’ topping several radio charts on major radio stations during the first week of release.

What were some of your best events this year that we filmed and you still get jitters watching it? sound off in the comments below!