On this episode of #ShengTalk we take you to a visual journey of Nairobi’s Eastlands, Umoja estate to be specific.


And what better way to get there but jump on the hottest jav plying that route.



#BillaBong has been on the route for one year going on strong and still brags of the undisputed champion of the road in this side of town. The Mat’s crew had trended online for helping out a strannded civilian who they escorted to safety in a petrol station after seeing the woman being trailed by a suspicious vehicle.



“As Billa Bong’s crew, we abide by Peace, Unity and ….says the Matatu’s chief of finance Juma Nature who has been in the industry for over five year.

We also featured the most juiced Barber Shop in Umoja. States Barbershop, a state of the art joint that features a Matatu-influenced design complete with new rims and a classic interior.

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