Whether we like it or not, our generation has accepted ghosting as a part of it’s unusual digital culture.

Ghosting has since evolved in to a phenomenon now known as mooning, named after iPhones notification silencing icon. As more people are craving distance from the fast paced world of social media, and the constant expectation to keep in touch with people 24/7, is ghosting a neccesary evil?

Evolution of Ghosting
Many of today’s phones have do not disturb features that silence all notification activity unless you have blocked a certain person. These features were originally intended for silencing calls and messages while the user is sleeping, hence the half moon icon seen on the iPhone. People have spoken out about the trend that is silencing people’s call and leaving them on the line, calling it a disregard to feelings.
Yeah, it sucks to not be able to get ahold of someone. ‘But as someone who has unabashedly ‘mooned’ people, I disagree with the argument that “ghosting” and “mooning” people is harmful in every situation. In reality you don’t need to be available to people at all hours. So, if you’re all for the freedom to read people’s messages without them knowing yet (like your landlord), here’s how you can let your notifications relax for a bit.

How to Moon on WhatsApp

You see a WhatsApp notification pop up on your screen – It’s a lengthy message from your roommate who never has credit, asking you for a favour.  You don’t want them to see those two dreaded check marks before you can think of a quick enough reply.

To stop them from seeing you’ve read the message, stay off the app. Go to your settings and turn on airplane mode, and turn off wifi.  Head back to read the message and read it without them knowing. Quit the app before turinging your airplane mode off once you’re ready to reply.

Now that you know, Moon responsibly good people. Reply when you have to, and be upfront about your feelings. No one likes being ghosted, but a little mooning never hurt.