From the beginning, there was pressure to like this album. After all, it was recommended by Blinky Bill. It’s hard not to trust a man with a big beautiful beard.


Over to You: “Chronology” Album Review - ChronixxBy LaMusicJunkie | Well, I’m that girl who dances to Sexual Healing in a public bus while everyone else keeps calm. Yup, I’m that crazy – about music. | Follow her for more.

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So, one afternoon I blasted the 24-year-old’s debut album while washing the old silver car seated pretty in the parking lot. Water had miraculously come back that day like the prodigal son. Not you Steph Kapela.

Ok, back to the album. Chronixx kicks off in his hometown with Spanish Town Rockin. Skankin’ Sweet is just perfect for 420. Alongside H_art the Band’s Cool Down. Big Bad Sound which features his father Chronicle stopped me in my tracks with the percussions. I immediately dropped my cloth and started dancing in my onesie (read overall). Ghetto Paradise and Country Boy are full of conscious messages. The next song reminded me of Jah9’s Brothers. But it’s a sweet dedication to Jamaica telling her to Smile.

Girl smile ?

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No, this is not some cheesy post about how I couldn't do this alone. Or how God has brought me this far. Which He has. Back in 2013, I was that shy introvert who's only known talent was singing and had no clue what she wanted to do with her life. Now I'm the complete opposite, so outgoing that some people still can't believe it. But that doesn't mean I don't seclude myself sometimes for some me time. In uni, you walk in holding the hands of high school friends you don't talk to anymore. And walk out confidently with new friends you met in the last 4 years. That's what time does to you. Let nobody lie to you, this new beginning is just as scary as it is exciting. I don't know what God has planned for the next stage of my youthful life. But if it involves attending international music festivals as press then I'm good. Si you know how I love free events… Thanks @wendimutisya for being part of this big day ? #Classof2017 #LaMusicJunkie

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He also reminds Jamaicans that they’re Selassie Children and their Black is Beautiful. If you have a queen you should play for her Royalty. We’re tired of the same old love songs, you know. And ladies, don’t leave him with Loneliness.

I Can has a distinct pop sound you can’t miss even with your eyes closed. It’s what the cool kids call tropical house – EDM with traces of dancehall.

Just in case you were wondering, he does it for the love and not for the Likes.

Wait, did I just hear a trap beat?

By now I had finished washing the car and was cleaning windows. I didn’t expect 16 songs to feel so long.

If you love me, better Tell Me Now – he sings. When the children ask, he tells them he’s a Legend. And a lovely gospel choir backs him up.

He delivers a clapback to a girl called Christina for not believing in his dreams. The bonus (and final) track I Know Love, is so sweet you can’t help but sway along to as you lean on a window.

Real name Jamar McNaughton, he’s truly a Pan-Africanist and romantic. Only he can combine pop, lovers rock, gospel and dancehall in one project. He’s the man with the big bad sound.

Verdict : You don’t have to be Jamaican to jam to this masterpiece. Or have a big beautiful beard.