How does it feel like to loose a young promising infant?

Exactly the feeling most Kenyans and fans around the continent felt when they heard news that the renowned team ‘fresh all day’ |Camp Mulla| was breaking up back in 2013.







Being at their peak with a BET nomination in the pipeline, breaking up was shuttering a dream that most fans had just conceived and up to date most guys had not found a place in their hearts to let go… but hey,life must move on right?


If you thought that you heard the last of this eclectic duo that gave us and the region in general an urban-sounding feel to the music that came from the 254, then think again.



Fans were treated to a hefty surprise yesterday (Saturday) night at the Ngong Racecourse where Nigerian artist Tekno was headlining ( We are still doing this headlining thing…smh story for another day though)

Camp Mulla in all its glory comprising of Shappaman, Kusma,Mikey, Taio and the ever dazzling Karun stepped on stage to the surprise of many if not all.

They made the crowd jam to nostalgic tunes like ‘This Party Don’t Stop’ among others in what was truly a dream come true.

Are they officially back?

New music?

What next?

That and more is all that is on our minds now. We will keep you updated on this legendary come back

so keep it What’s Good.

Follow Camp Mulla’s page for details.