Muthoni Drummer Queen has gifted her fans with a special remix of her latest single ‘Kenya Message’. A star studded remix featuring fast rising hip hop acts and The Jump Off (Homeboyz Radio)  inductees Steph Kapela, Shukid & Tunji.

The original track was produced by Swiss producers Greg “GR!” Escoffey and Jean “HOOK” Geissbuhler and addressed some of the most choking issues  in Kenya from corruption, the ongoing health crisis and the  devastating drought that had hit most parts of the nation.


The remix is a total flip of the original song, with the hard and heavy beat flipping to suit each rappers flow. Listening to Steph Kapela, Shukid, Tunji and MDQ beasting on the verses, it is difficult to pick a favourite section. It is also clear that the revival of Kenyan hip hop is truly at per with international standards, and with your support, Kenyan hip hop is ready to take it’s global place.

The video was shot at popular night club, The Alchemist, a venue that has played a pivotal  big role in the music scene and culture since it flung open a couple of months ago. Watch the video below: