A new Kenyan documentary titled ‘Madaraka’ (Swahili for Freedom) highlighting the power of culture and need to emphasize on youth empowerment in local communities is set to launch in Kenya this September.


The documentary shot in Nairobi and Kisumu spotlights renowned Kenyan artistes: Sauti Sol, Owuor Arunga, Sosuun and Nazizi. Ghanaian artiste Blitz The Ambassador and the founder of Sarakasi Trust, Marion Van Dijck. All the personalities featured in the documentary encourage self-reliance through creative collaboration.

Ahead of the Kenyan launch, Wael “L” Abou-Zaki the director and writer of ‘Madaraka’ says, “The vision for the documentary was to highlight the power of art and culture, systemic issues facing the African diaspora and what can be done when you empower a community. The domino effect that comes from a positive perspective is clear in this picture and showcases what can be done when you change the narrative in your mind and its effect on your surroundings.”

Highlighting several themes including self-empowerment and entrepreneurship, the powerful film produced by One Vibe Africa and Zaki Rose is set to shape the Kenyan narrative locally and abroad. It will also document the beginnings and growth of One Vibe Africa as an international organization.

‘Madaraka’ is set for a two-part Kenyan launch in the below series, exclusively handled by Anyiko PR:

  •     Nairobi – Michael Joseph Centre on 28th Sept 2017 from 6 – 10 PM
  •     Kisumu – Young Generation Centre (YGC) Manyatta Sijeh Opposite Magadi Primary School on 30th Sept 2017 from 6 – 9 PM

The Founder and Executive Director of One Vibe Africa, Simon Okelo says, “I hope that ‘Madaraka’will inspire the youth to think for themselves and work together to grow their communities. ‘Madaraka’is all about the African people, from the youth to the elders are strong people with an entrepreneurial spirit, which is not highlighted enough in the mainstream media. Images of poverty and requests for aid have become the norm. This is the notion the documentary strives to change.”

”Madaraka” will also highlight workshops conducted by world-renowned artists and innovators to discuss topics related to Madaraka the documentary and concept, and the culture of Africans. Additionally, it will follow Simon as he displays key historical areas of Nairobi and Kisumu, highlighting his childhood experiences as well as some of the activities and projects carried out by One Vibe Africa for the community.

The Nairobi Horns Project (NHP) has a fresh sound and raw energy that has taken over Nairobi’s live music scene. The versatile instrumental group has joined One Vibe Africa in support of ‘Madaraka’s launch and will be delivering at a special performance at the Nairobi and Kisumu launch events.