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Masterpiece, represents my ideologies, artistic authenticity, and the grand scheme of how I look at things. This will be achieved through projects and interactions with various personalities from different backgrounds. It will be a combination of Art, music and Philosophy…Reflecting on the past, interacting with the present and setting a foundation for the future we would want to be in. Full Bio |

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“Live as if everyday is your last “- those words seemed quite cliche’ to me until I fully understood the meaning behind it, because truly how sure are we that the next day we will open our eyes and chase our dreams, go to work and call it a day.


I was listening to a sermon from TD Jakes, he mentioned clearly that every day is a blessing and we take it for granted when we don’t accomplish that which is stirring in our belly, our purpose….so we procrastinate and tell ourselves that we have tomorrow.

When you have a strong conviction to chase after your dreams no matter what the hurdles are, then each day begins to make sense..even a Monday which at times can be quite drab.Knowing who you are is one step in the right direction..because at this point you steer away from distractions, push yourself beyond the limit and go after what you want. It’s all in the art of mastering one self, which will in turn take you to the point where you “Live everyday as if it’s your last”.


At the end of the day life is what we make it, between the day we are born and when we die, so each day must count. No one has restricted you from accomplishing anything you want, not even society.. so live today and don’t exist. Life is too precious to let it pass you by.