I had a fancy article planned…

With a lot of sumptuous words and delicate metaphors. In hopes of demonstrating to you that #NuNairobi is afire with passion, music, art, spirituality & all the mysteries of a transformational Renaissance… To encourage you to keep the faith… Support the movement… See the progress! But instead, I realize there’s nothing to declare anymore – because the magic is now in plain sight… Obvious, undeniable. And anyone who can’t yet see what is happening will either see it very soon or will indeed never be able to see it at all.

So meanwhile, I’m just going to copy/paste some of my favorite posts that pop up when you search #NuNairobi online.

Instead of pontificating and lecturing about what we already know so deeply, I simply dedicate this collaged poem to the collective efforts of everyone; whose energy is interwoven in this living, breathing tapestry of creative awakening crackling across the continent and beyond. A unique moment in time that Netflix will be making biopic series about someday… A crazy adventure with many plot twists and turns yet to come… The story of our lives that we have come to call –



“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.” 

Friday Night was a Dream.

My brother preaching the gospel!

Lord knows where my heart was I could hear nothing else other than the song.

On the #rise!

The Wave is about to take form….

Characterized by authentic self-expression
Originality and Collaboration.

It’s not:

a cool kid clique or an exclusive club so,
don’t be salty about it.

Just keep creating dope art!

Blessing us with the original                                                                                                                                                             ‘Self made not bitch made’
Gaadd daamnn son!

Have been thinking up this experience for daaaays…                                                                                                               You can make the future, but it starts with leaving the past.

It’s called disruption.
Let’s be a disruptive generation –
By uniting towards common courses –

I told my momma I wanna be part of #NuNairobi & the rest of the convo….
well you wouldn’t understand
(Maasai lol)

See you on the dance floor!



They wish they had the bond we have baby gurl,
Keeping this Hip-Hop Alive.

This shit made me,
so happy

Neo 3rd World presents:

Peace Like A River Flows.
Ridiculously mad good vibes.
Haupati sembe bila jasho! Nu tunes.

EA Wave 01…
Cosmic Homies forLife…
I love you Nairobi.


(…I hope you get the punchline).