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If you ask any Kenyan to describe their country they would mention it being the most corrupt, some will say that it is tribal others would say it lacks opportunities. This should not be the message we preach.

Kenya should not be known for its vices but for its good. Despite the fact that most of the ills mentioned above are true, it does not mean that there is no good. Take a look around, we have so much good surrounding us. We have one of the best weathers in the world, we have great physical features from mountains to rivers to oceans and waterfalls, and we have beautiful landscapes and friendly people. Kenya is indeed beautiful but very few citizens know of this.

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It even took people by surprise a few weeks ago when the world was amazed by the beauty of our national anthem- the same anthem that most Kenyans do not know.

It is quite a shame that people who are not Kenyan citizens are the ones on the lime light of speaking praises about Kenya.

The problem with Kenyans is that we like to focus on the bad- the tribalism, the high cost of living, the corruption, the inequality and the social ills. These are indeed important issues that should not be ignored but there needs to be balance. If you post a picture of a busted sewer line today, tomorrow post a picture of the beautiful wildlife we have. Kenya is not perfect but there are always two sides to any coin.

Let us be proud of our country, tujivunie kuwa wakenya.

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Whatever you say about our country will reflect directly on you. If you say Kenya is tribal so are you; if you say that Kenyans are corrupt so are you but if you say Kenya is beautiful then you too are beautiful.

Let us embrace patriotism, this is our home. Let us teach it to our children so that they can live by the words of our anthem and embrace the spirit of peace, unity and equality.

We should change the story of our country. Speak positively, be patriotic. After all, we are ambassadors of our country.