Kenya is proud to be the first market that internationally acclaimed Van Ryn Distillery introduces the first collection of Vintage Viceroy Brandy – Double distilled and matured in French oak barrels for 10 years.


To celebrate in true style, KWAL put together, in collaboration with a brandy master from Van Ryn a first of its kind brandy and food pairing session at the Fairmont Norfolk hotel to express the heritage, history and rich passion that is brandy making.

As the premium market scene in Kenya becomes ever more sophisticated, Kenya’s leading producer of Wines and Spirits, Kenya Wine Agencies Ltd (KWAL) has introduced a limited edition vintage brandy reserve, which is the 10 year old variant of the signature Viceroy brandy. Kenya is proud to be the first market in the world that introduces the internationally acclaimed, Van Ryn Distillery pioneered, 10 year old matured brandy. KWAL Introduces Viceroy 10 - Premium Vintage Brandy‘‘To most Kenyan brandy drinkers, Viceroy is a well known household name. It therefore made perfect sense to be the first market to launch the 10 year old brand. We are thrilled with this development; Viceroy 10 is a unique premium smooth brandy that has been double distilled and matured in French oak barrels since 2007. Like all good things, it’s taken time, patience and skill to make something of which we are very proud.” Explained Christine Ethangatta KWAL Marketing Manager.

“We are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to grow and expand our portfolio based on the evolving Kenyan market. Adding Viceroy 10 into the portfolio will offer additional value to our consumers given the Heritage and Craftsmanship of the variant” She further stated. KWAL Introduces Viceroy 10 - Premium Vintage BrandyThe food pairing session to launch the brandy, offered the invited connoisseurs a unique opportunity to explore the brandy in a menu specifically designed around Viceroy 10 hosted in fine style by Van Ryn’s brandy master Wallies Uys. ‘‘The specific pairing, created for the guests was to help enhance the characteristic of the brandy and the dining experience.

Other serving suggestions for a unique brandy experience are to enjoy neat with ice or with a dash of water. Viceroy 10 is now available in the Kenyan market and we are confident that the consumers will receive it well, enjoying it at a variety of occasions. ’’ Noted Wallies Uys.

Following the launch event, there will be a series of country wide activations to take the brandy experience to the consumers, ‘‘Viceroy 10 will create a new trend of drinking brandy for the discerning adult drinkers. It is packaged in an attractive bottle with an engraved signature which is the hallmark of quality and authenticity of the product. ’’ Further noted Christine in conclusion.

The vintage brandy is expected to grow KWAL’s market share in the premium drinks category with an ambition to be the dominant player in the premium brandy category.