Last month, nearly a year after his death, a charity foundation in memory of recording artist Delus was launched at 12 Hillcrest Avenue in Kingston lead by his brother Konshens. One of the last people to ever interview Delus was our very own, Vincent Libosso.


Over the past couple of days I have struggled coming to terms with the passing of Konshens older brother, Delus, let alone wax the right words in remembrance of him.

Going back to my roots, my people always say anyone who takes his own life does not need an epitaph to be remembered. Life is precious and sacred. Well, allow me to break that tradition today.

My interaction with Delus came in 2015 via a special dancehall podcast interview for Juiced Today Radio, and all courtesy of Flair Lindsey and Malaika Lepine (then working as publicists for City Rock Entertainment in Texas U.S). Delus had just been signed to the City Rock label and he was now repackaging himself, on the road with an extensive E.P dubbed, “Public Relations.”

wgNetworks Vincent Libosso: My Last Interview with Delus

wgNetworks Vincent Libosso: My Last Interview with Delus

“Sojah tattooed pon mi arm! I have never left or forgotten Sojah,” he reckons.

Sojah: meaning Soldiers of Jah was a duo that was made up of the duet brothers, Delus and Konshens and in 2005, they got their first major break into the limelight with a tour in Japan.

His tattooed left arm spoke of his number one rule in life: “life is what you make it.” Looking into a repackaged 2016 as we spoke, Delus seemed quite hopeful on making music that is real, fun and unique, mentioning renowned producer, Dameon Gayle and confident with City Rock label.

Loved by both ladies and gents alike, his infectious tunes have seen him become accepted worldwide. Perhaps, though, his infectious music is certainly the purest gift he has left us with!

RIP Delus!

Although many tend to associate him with his younger brother Konshens, listening to Deus, he had a different musical identity. His soothing vocal renditions and ocean of lyrical expressions really stood out.

“My older bredda, Delus, him inspired me into music,” Konshens would later on tell Silverstar Sound from the U.K in an exclusive interview in Nairobi.

The tributes expressed by many since his death was announced confirmed that indeed Delus was many things to many different people in many lands.

Talking to him, it was hard to think of a moment when he was less smiling. He was down-to-earth- and way humble—yet he reprinted strength, humility and love.

He was certainly extraordinarily humble in the dancehall ring. He spoke of his successful brother Konshens with much love and there never in one time existed any sibling rivalry among the duet.

wgNetworks Vincent Libosso: My Last Interview with Delus

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