‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’, Puff Daddy’s autobiographical documentary premiered on Apple Music on June 25th 2016. The film is centered around Bad Boy reunion tour 2016 including the wrangling Diddy went through to secure the line up.

“If Future‚Äôs dropping two albums in one day, I got to leave that alone. I got to go to the big screen,” said Puff, in an interview with Zane Lowe. “I have to go and be around music in order to feed my soul and feed my spirit. And you know I may just release things in a different way.”

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Wow! What can I say? I just watched one of the most inspirational documentaries I've ever seen in my life. People see inspirational creative content all the time, hell, I've seen plenty, but I can honestly say I've never seen anything like this. The story of how one man followed his dream, stuck to his guns and built upon his vision is embodied perfectly in Can't Stop Won't Stop. I've always known that Puff Daddy aka P. Diddy aka @Diddy was one seriously hard working and intelligent guy but this documentary really puts it into perspective. I feel almost reborn. I feel like I want to change even more things in my life. This documentary has some serious healing power to it. I was moved by so many things within it. Seeing @lilkimthequeenbee and @therealfaithevans put their differences to the side really made me tear up. Watching the throwback clips to the good old days, the days I was lucky enough to grow up through with @badboyent's music, I mean wow! I'm really stuck with how to structure a sentence right now. Puff's empire was built using passion. And that's something I've always said is important. Passion is everything. If you don't have it then why are you doing what you're doing? It's a waste of your time. I actually feel like I need to watch this every day for the next week. I urge everyone to see this documentary – it's available on @AppleMusic right now. Even if you're not a rap fan, a fan of Hip Hop culture, a fan of music, it doesn't matter. You will find something in this that gets you. It'll drive you. It'll stir something within you. Trust me! ??? Thank you Puffy. #puffdaddy #pdiddy #diddy #badboy #badboyrecords #picoftheday #photooftheday #documentary #cantstopwontstop #love #life #live #music #musicislife #biggie #ripbiggie #lilkim #faithevans #112 #mase #inspired #apple #instamusic #goodmusic #instadaily #instamood #instagood #dope #newyork #hiphop

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