We may not be able to choose the life we are born into, but we can undoubtedly transform the one we are living today. We can expand it. Re-imagine it. Revolutionize it.

We know this from motivational speeches plastered across the internet in honor of those who have turned childhood disadvantages into adult uniqueness, those who have profited from insights won during adolescence spent in poverty, those who still persist in performing above and beyond the expectations of their peers. We know, from watching these men and women whom begin with nothing and end with everything they dreamt of and more, that ‘anything is possible.’

But while most self-made success stories feature a man or woman whose admirable memoires inspire us to see past the difficulty of daily hardships, few stories feature a man or woman who actually understands desperation first hand – to such an extent that they themselves have too collapsed in the face of such hardships. Yep, few global icons running major companies today have actually experienced prison because of crimes they were admittedly guilty of, before mustering up the strength and ingenuity to turn their life around – like SA icon Gayton Mckenzie did.


At the age of 18, Mckenzie committed several crimes, affording him a 17 year sentence in jail. But instead of serving his time, turning into a bitter ex-convict who repeatedly found himself in a cycle of relapsing crime, he did 10 years, got released early for excellent behavior, and came back to the world with a master plan. Years later, he is world renowned entrepreneur and humanitarian figure, a bonafide ‘self-made millionaire.’ What a turn of events…

So, whether or not someone might call this man a crook, a con or a complete hustler in consideration of his unsavory past, one thing is certainly true – he tapped into a power within himself that pushed him much farther in life than he ever would have gotten, shanked to death in a prison somewhere in SA… Right? We can agree on that much, I think… But of course, Good people, the most important question, is how. How does one tap into this otherworldly energy within oneself? 

As Mckenzie puts it:

First thing’s first – you need to accept yourself.”

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