Omarion performance this past weekend was short but fulfilling to the ladies. The men? Not so much. But why?


Some of the event highlights included:
  • The show was hosted by Amina and Shaffie Weru
  • Performances by Dela, Le Band, and Fena Guti
  • Omarion’s performance of his hits including Distance, Ice Box, Let Me Hold You
  • DJ Joe Mfalme was on the Decks
  • The crowd was up on its feet during the ‘Post To Be’ performance


A few minutes past 9pm and my boss sends an Uber to pick me from the Mr. and Miss Environment pageantry at the Southern Sun Mayfair in Westlands. My driver for the day, Iddi—a young and entertaining chap. Our conversations are short as we head out to Ngong Racecourse for the Afropop Festival where international act, Omarion is set to perform.

Just the same week, Nairobi had jammed to Damian Marley on his debut concert in Kenya and already there is a sense of excitement as we pull in.

Afropop Festival: It is an annual event whereby different parties and communities get to showcase Culture in general through food, art, dance at the same time getting to highlight common issues affecting the society as a whole.

The air smells like the festival already and my fingers are electric. Our first stop is the Brew Bistro food truck for some large fries and beer. We head back to the What’s Good LIVE tent where wireless events are ensuring alternative music is blaring through the silent disco concept.

The festival set up was magnificent. Food sellers in their tents encircled the dome weaving through the mass of onlookers and the aroma of their wares perfumed the air. The bars were pit stops for refills.

MC Amina and Shaffie Weru alongside hype man Gudah, make sure the crowd is pumped up before welcoming Dela on stage.

Her music fills up the air in a perfect mix of rioting colours from the revelers. Sprits lifted, they sing along, jump and sway. Every man had his Omarion signature—whether Timbs or a pony tail, or even rugged denim or a colourful orange sweatshirt.

Then in came the phenomenal Fena Gitu. Her back up band and dancer turned thee energy up. The night belonged to her in my view. Her music, the heartbeat of the crowd, she shared the stage with a talented rising star, Dave Ndegwa before calling the party squad—MDQ, Blinky Bill and Kagwe Mungai, this time, Mayonde missing in action.

Shappaman would be the final act before the international star, Omarion would take the stage. Sadly, Shappa’s performance is cut off in an old-fashioned way.

Then came the moment everyone had been waiting for, first his voice, then the crowd charge forward with screams from the ladies that overpowered the dome and the phones up in the air in a perfect star-like sky. It was the grand party of the year, the one everyone was invited to.

He popped in alongside his brother look-alike hype man and his tour DJ with an energy unmatched and verses flowed. He was short, with a sleeveless Dashiki denim with a white sweatshirt and black pants with sneakers. He smiled at everyone but mostly at the ladies.

Almost no-one walked anywhere, they danced, skipped, jogged, jumped, hopped and wiggled. From his hey days at B2K songs, to his recent tunes like Distance, being alive was a riot.

Although he had the stage command, Omarion performance was not that magical in my view and I know many ladies will kill me for this. But getting past his sex symbol and the fact that he wore a wife-beater to stage, and just focus on his less than an hour performance.

DJ Joe Mfalme sealed the night before socialite Vera Sidika made an appearance on stage to the delight of the crowd.

Festivals are times of inclusion, they are time to celebrate our diversity, our similarities, and relax. Afropop Festival on its debut outing, offered that!

Photos credited to AfropopKe and Tintseh