Picture a birthday party with such big names like Iyanya, Pallaso, DJs Purpl, Stylez, Sexyspin and a rooftop pool to die for.


  • On Sunday, the Gemini Nairobi VIP club, world-renowned International Billion Club (B-Club) celebrated 1 year of classic luxury, all round entertainment and style.

Astrologers believe Geminis have a volatile temperament, that their strength however is their versatility, and that their versatility allows them to learn a little about everything and develop skills in many areas. Perhaps in celebrating one year of B-Club Nairobi, that is what the club actually stands for.

B-Club’s VIP Pool Party at Diamond Plaza rooftop was the grand party of the year, the one everyone was invited to for an affordable cost.

The clubbing world in this great city is a fickle, you think so? Well try running a VIP club for a year. Running regular VIP nightclub needs incredible stamina and an ability to conjure order out of chaos that ordinary mortals (like me) can’t begin to understand.

So, when you get invited to a VIP club that is marking one year, run by the same team that founded it, and that it hasn’t lost any of its vitality, it’s worth paying close attention to what it’s doing right.

The pool party went on into the night and into the wee hours of Monday morning. Nobody cared whether the following day was a working day or not. Everyone danced like they’d forgotten how to stand still. In between sets were DJs Purpl, Sexyspin and Stylez.


The drinks flowed, the DJs were on point and the international acts made it memorable. First up was Uganda’s King of The East and Sucker Free Boss, Pallaso. His performance was energetic, in between posing to ooze some Swahili words here and there.

Having moved from the Team No Sleep label, it was evident in his Go Down Low collaboration with Sheebah performance, that he had closed that chapter, not once or twice not mentioning the signature label. His exit from stage would see him acknowledge his fellow countryman, Eddy Kenzo, who was enjoying his performance from the VIP section barred by a glass wall.


From Pallaso to DJ Maphorisa, then to finally Iyanya. First came his voice, then he appeared form the back singing as he made his way to the stage. His performance was a riot of excitement and dance, especially the waists wined hard. He took off his shirt and thee ladies literally went nuts.


Everything about Iyanya made you want to dance. Perhaps in showing his love for Kenya and that beef between him and Jaguar is buried, he closed the show with an acapella of the One Centimetre collaboration. His Swahili got us kicking but we liked it.

In many senses, nothing has changed about B-Club one year on. Anchored on a solid staff, amazing service and deranged in a musical obsession cutting across Africa and the rest of the world, the Gemini VIP club remains forever youngish and yes, where forever everyone is always a VIP.