This attractive space on the first floor of The Hub mall in Karen is the perfect taste of Spanish. DJ Drone playing you the best funky soul selection ever, it cuts a niche particularly noteworthy for its extraordinary layout, recycled art pieces and Somewhere in the middle are amazing burgers and Swahili chicken wings.

We made our way to the upstairs first floor at The Hub in Karen, Nairobi, where Picazzo seats, overlooking a garden and miniature lake.

The props of old soul music vinyl on the red-carpet entry of the restaurant were such a huge delight to see. The place warms up as you enter and despite the cold showers last Friday, the local painting murals and matatu art just warmed us.

This Spanish restaurant décor was a mix of regular tables, bench bar seating, and tall cocktail tables near a discreetly mounted TV screen. It is a perfect marriage blend of three different dining styles: Tapas bar, tapas restaurant, and fine dining.

Chef Hector is quick to say hi when he brings over the Swahili chicken wings on a coconut shell. First time trying it, and we are struggling to find fault. A nice mocktail for the teetotalers, cocktails for the rest, and burgers later on, we are in love.

But Fridays at Picazzo is all about a good time, great meals and the perfect love, music.

Music fills the air without effort, like the waves filling holes in beach sand; the sound rushing in and around every person in the room. DJ Drone selection is one that is quite tempting not to tap your feet to.

Some react to the beat, banging their heads or tapping their feet, others continue in chatter, but always it speaks to them in some manner.