June is already here and the peeps at Verse5ve are ready to get things started right. So, grab your squad, sunglasses and your Famous5ve tickets. Verse5ve will take care of the rest.

They always say there’s a first for everything. Why not do it at the Verse5ve’s Famouse5ve gig?


For International acts, Sho Baraka, DJ Easy and so many of our favourite local acts, they are going to experience a big first Sunday afternoon, the 254 style.

June 4th, come kick it with the Six-headed monster that’s ready to make yall turn up!!!! Jimmy Chachboy Kibunja pale akileta stingoz za kubanjuka ( bringing all the dance styles), Manolo Recapp helping you get your rap lines correct, and Stevo Pompey doing “Pompey” things, balancing between his crazy moves and saying hi to the fans.

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Much ❤️ to all those who supported #ANightWithSho. The fans, the musicians, the opening artists and the energy was special. I was truly nervous about going on a tour by myself. I doubted it would be sustainable and that I could pull it off. I wanted to create an experience that was authentic to me and my music. I believe I did that. I'm excited to expand that experience in the future. I can't wait to share these ideas with y'all. Thank you thank you thank you for your support and encouragement. To all my creatives…Fly Excellent or fall Excellent but never quit. "If can't picture Greatness then fire your photographer!" Trust the Lord, Believe in yourself and don't be afraid to fail.

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On the decks? The homey that had 1000+ mixes before Mixcrate was closed, done both radio, TV, events and shows out of the country, been our DJ from the first event, DJ Sanch ready to play with the faders.

The homey that has done tours and currently on your stereo every Tuesday morning, packed with newskool jams and bangers, Double-o Kilaha bout to blow your eardrums.

Last but not least, you already should know bout the kid, but kama bado usijali ( don’t worry), come see A1 doing guest DJ manenos (things).

Come get the whole #Famous5ve experience, featuring ShoBaraka and DjEazy (From South Africa).

4 albums + 1 Mixtape + 5 compilation projects + more features than you can count and still packing heat, come kick it with Sho Baraka.


From South Africa, Project Manager at Hip Hop Education, radio host at Good Hope FM, JC’s place resident DJ, with mixtapes on mixtapes, a CHH crate that’s deeper than the average collector’s… Come kick it with DJ Eazy. Repping the 254, Shira SoReal coming the flow and witty bars, Joshua Muthure dropping the moves, you know… He might move like Jagger… Plus newskool flow, the P31Kenya ladies, of course, coming with style and class.

Advance tickets available via https://www.kenyabuzz.com/whats-on/famous5ve or by dialing *229*22# for 500… 700 at the gate.