EA Wave have released the first track off their much anticipated debut project. ‘Party Girls’, according the Wavers was influenced and represents the input of all the 5 diverse members ( Mvroe, Jinku, Ukweli, Hiribae & Nu Fvnk). The production of the track kicked off in Sweden when EA Wave flew out for Bravalla Festival – Swedish biggest music festival in June 2016.

”The first single of our debut Project and this truly is special since it’s a combined effort of all 5 members.
So we had just finished playing BrĂ¥valla festival in Sweden and had exactly 24 hours before we left back to Nairobi. We had rendezvous with Lina Hansson (our guide) to take us to Benjamin Beard’s studio in Stockholm. Benjamin Laid out the track Skeleton and we finished it over in Nairobi with MVROE taking charge of the vocals.
The track carries a very summer vibe, a Swedish Summer.”

EA Wave