Mankind have shared their latest music exploit, a transcontinental collaboration ‘North’ with South African band Future Kings courtesy of Sony Music Africa. Mankind, a duo comprising of The Cloak and Mane are an ambitious band that blur the lines between indie-rock, pop and hip hop. Despite their young age,┬áthe band has set the sights on global domination.



Future Kings are the mysterious production duo who have lent their skills to young pop acts such as Tholwana and Johnny Apple. Their style is a marriage of Hip Hop and electronica that is both futuristic and accessible. Birthed completely over the digital space,‘North’ saw both acts stretch their limits and creativity.

Working on North with Future Kings was a one of a kind experience. It came with a lot of pressure from both sides because we had to work in a virtual space trying to make something real and special. When we heard it for the first time we went nuts. It felt right, it still does. – Mankind.