Growing up in Pangani had a feel to it.

Every morning when the residents woke up, the atmosphere was bustling with activities. Little kids walking to school or taking the old white school buses owned by the Ali’s, Mama Moha’s Mahamri and Mandazi aromas that wafted the air, #Eastleigh #Matatu horns blaring in the distant…


Pangani is one of Nairobi’s old suburbs only 4 km away from the Central Business District (CBD). It consists of a heavy population of an Asian lineage from the colonial area, a good bunch of Mombasa migrants and a balance of Kenyan natives from all across the country. Together with the ever growing number of Ethiopians/ Oromos and Sudanese, pango has to be to be one of the multi-cultured ‘hoods’ that exist in Kenya.


Years ago..long before the shisha craze hit Pangani like a resilient bacterium, we used to have clean streets with working drainage systems and all.

I still nostalgic reminisce going to buy ‘Baruti’ and ‘Ice ya PiliPili’ near the Pangani Mosque a routine that we had as toddlers. That and ‘Mûnyû’ which is when boys and girls from the neighboring hoods, regardless of their faith, went to the mosque during Ramadhan to partake the free rice and sharbat juice. Woe to you if you went with a short…


So now the once clean streets are encroached by spewing garbage, several business ventures, scrap metal junkyards commonly referred to as ‘Makilo’ or ‘Baze ya Kupimish’ and more garbage.

It’s even more interesting that now being campaign season no aspirant has put ‘Environmental Conservation’ as their focus but ni sawa tu… the people must live on.

I grew up in a place where human waste and sewage had a closer proximity to human dwellings and this was not a major bother but we really are not there anymore as a country/ county, I tend to believe. Waste management has been one of the biggest challenges the entire city is facing due to lack of a centralized system by the county government.

All hope is not lost though as there are a  couple of Youth groups doing some change-worthy activities in and around Pangani, kudos!

@kellingmwangeka and I took a random stroll on a Sunday evening and therefore we present to you this photo sequence.