No need to over analyse texts anymore, there’s an app that does that for you. CRUSHH is out to answer the age old question of what your crush’s replys really mean. We hope it works, because if not they could have to answer to a lot of broken hearts.

Crush secretly analyses your crush’s texts using a mathmatical algorithm they crated based on information gathered on over 200,000 texting relationships.

Aside from just being able to tell you how a possible love interest feels about you, the app can also tell you how much other people you react with daily like you. This app leaves the queation of if we’re taking the age of information too far. Do you really want to know if some of your closest relationships only like you 25%? Or would it create an unfair standard to base that relationship on, that the other person doesn’t even know about?

Regardless, Crushh offers a fun way of analysing people’s sometimes mysteroous messages and replys. With that being said, it shouldn’t be what you base any relationships on, it probably best to go with the age old method of just asking a person.