H_art The Band have delivered yet another stunning ballad ‘Rosella’ featuring seasoned Tanzanian singer Lady Jaydee. The two liked up during the recent 16th Koroga Festival for the Martin Gwandho produced and Gituamba assisted beat, the video was shot by Kevin Bosco, all from Kenya.

Jaydee who’s currently gearing up for her soon to be released album ‘Woman’ delivers her classical pitch perfect vocals on the nostalgic ballad backed up with a stellar poetic delivery form the trio, Hart The Band. This becomes the third consecutive H_art The Band collaboration after joining forces with Taurus Musik’s first lady Dela on ‘Adabu’  and ‘Masheesha featuring bass player and singer Bensoul. The Band is currently prepping for their first solo concert of the year, H_art The Band Unplugged at The Alchemist Bar on April 1st.