Love is no new concept. Our ancestors had the same feelings you might having today – the only difference? They wrote their lovers sonnets, and painted portraits to show their undying love – not ink their lover’s names permanently into their flesh.

No one can argue that with the passing of time, love would evolve. One product of that evolution is love’s need to be shouted from rooftops of social media, then immortalised on skin.

The results of getting a tattoo of your lover’s name,or even face is nothing has not always been rosy. Breakups have left countless people regretting their ink laden skin, and some have even had cover ups re-inked in a bid to convert what was previously an expression of love to something they can live with now that the passion has fizzled out; with interesting success rates.

These tattoo flops might have contributed to the new rise of couples matching tattoos, with partners seeking to share in the risk, without the commitment of something as personal as a name. Some are calling matching tats a wiser decision compared to the previous trend where only half of the couple got the tattoo.

Whether matching tattoos will be phased out in the evolution of love, only time will tell. Would you consider getting matching tattoos with your significant other? Let us know in the comments section below.

Tattoos with the love of my life ? #firsttattoo #coupletattoos #ouch

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