Victory Farms launched their Fish tasting Festival Campaign at Peponi Springs on the 24th of February 2017 to sensitize Kenyans on the quality of their Tilapia.

Fish tasting is perhaps one of the best ways for any company in the hospitality industry to scream out their introduction to any market. Guests, a list of chefs, restaurant owners, media personalities and market women, had a chance to taste and testify to a home grown Kenyan tilapia delicacy that amazed.

Victory Farms is a newly-established tilapia fish farm which has been in operation on the Kenyan side of Lake Victoria since June 2016. The vision of Victory Farms is to produce a nutritious and delicious fish product and make it widely available and affordable throughout the region, all while building a company ethos that invests heavily in its employees, local communities and environmental safeguards. As a company, VF aims to be the most sustainable tilapia farm in the world — both environmentally and socially. Munchies | We’ll Take the Ugali and Tilapia Fish

Victory Farms tilapia contains no antibiotics and no forms of chemical. The fish are bred, grown, and processed all in Kenya — and put straight onto a cold chain and moved to Nairobi to ensure maximum freshness. Our fish are grown in large cages in the deep waters of Lake Victoria, so they taste sweet and delicious.

I emailed our camera man, Eric details of the restaurant we’d be dining at: Peponi Springs—where the fish tasting had been planned for. We had two options. To try the tilapia fish as fried and, then as grilled. It was delicious. We ate it all.

Glorious, glorious tilapia and ugali!

Check out Victory Farms on Facebook here and on their website here.