MPR Consulting has confirmed that wgRadio’s reggae show, #LazeReggae will be the first to premiere Etana’s set to be released single in Africa. 

Very few radio reggae shows have the ability to capture the imagination of an audience in today’s content driven society and the iconic wgRadio’s reggae show, #LazeReggae “The Big Deal Show” is set to be the first outlet picked to debut Etana’s new single set for release in the coming weeks.

A statement form the show hosts, Tedy ‘The Great’ Kilonzi and Vincent ‘Vinny Pupa Rankings’ Libosso could not hide the excitement:

“it is an honour being picked as the first show to debut the single from Etana in Africa. Like our slogan, it is a big deal!” Africa Premiere | #LazeReggae Picked to Debut Etana’s Single in the ContinentOnce in a great while, the world is afforded with a powerful, soulful and unique voice of the people. The ever-so-talented songstress Etana “The Strong One” ( Born Shauna McKenzie in August Town, Jamaica) has emerged as this entity, representing one of Reggae music’s newest faces.  Boasting a flawless soul-soaked voice, in just a few years, Etana has captivated and inspired legions of die hard fans. In addition to wooing listeners with her rich honey-laced vocals, Etana also proudly dons the hat of songwriter.

The singer has boldly struck a chord with the masses, winning the hearts of the people one song at a time. Etana’s craft of developing Reggae music masterpieces spans beyond just a means of entertainment.  Consistently, Etana addresses pressing issues in her music.  And just like the “The Strong One” translation of her name, Etana’s messages are a force to be reckoned with.  Crooning of oppression and injustices against all people, Etana never fails to motivate and inspire her audience. Although Etana’s music is often billed as “Roots Reggae,” her style undeniably transcends music genre and is also infused with hints of Jazz and R&B.

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#LazeReggae is on every Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4pm (Kenya) 9am (EST) on #wgRADIO via